The Dance


This poem is meant for NaPoWriMo Day 25. I wrote it for a friend’s wedding which took place yesterday!

When first I beheld the happy couple
I was coming off a roller coaster,
Still unsure of my bearings.
But in their cocoon of loveliness,
There was a spark, a hope, a promise
That the world would steady itself
If not for me, then surely for these two
And steady it did.
On steadied ground, they began their dance
And I’ve been in the audience
As they’ve swayed under starry skies,
Through crowd-filled streets,
In hotel lobbies and with the sea lapping at their feet.
They seemed to breeze past those awkward first steps
Those frenzied moments when fear throws everything off-kilter:
Fear of loss, even before gain; fright even before there is a stage.
They breezed past fear of sore toes right to the sweet spot
Where the dance is everything:
Where the steps come naturally,
Really though, there are no steps – just grooving
There is no audience – just friends,
No spotlights – just highlights,
And no unholy scorecards – just time spent in bliss.
Just the joy of moving in harmony
Through syncopated beats
To Terry Fox Runs;
Through soca and swing
To Canada’s east coast;
Through sweet surprises by waterfalls
To all of us here today.
On this very special day, my hope for you is this:
That you’ll make your own music;
That you’ll carry each other’s hopes and dreams
On the rhythm of your heartbeats;
That you’ll never stop dancing,
Better yet, dance like there’s no tomorrow.


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