The Sun


Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge was to rewrite a famous poem. I chose The Moon by R. L. Stevenson. As I’ve mentioned before, this poem holds special childhood memories for me and frankly, the very thought just made me smile. Enjoy!

The sun has a glow like a fancy chandelier;

He shines on wanderers along the pier,

On oceans and deserts and overcrowded cities,

And birdies belting out pretty little ditties.


The tireless farmers and adults on vacay,

The lizard basking at the start of the day,

The kids who go to bed at twilight,

All love to revel in the warm sunlight.


But all of the things that belong to night-time

Hide to avoid the sun in his prime;

And leaves and faces all turn to the sky

Till evenfall when darkness draws nigh.


3 thoughts on “The Sun

    • Thanks Vidya! So glad the smile is spreading. It definitely is (it’s already on the list!). I’m actually having to stop myself so I don’t spend all day doing it to the exclusion of my work that pays the bills.

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