Night Hike (a golden shovel)


Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge was to write a “golden shovel”. This was a tough one – honestly, my brain hurt. If you don’t know what a golden shovel is (I didn’t), the basic idea is that the poem I’ve shovel-ized (in this case, “Watermelons” by Charles Simic) can be read by reading the last word of each line of my poem.


Night Hike 

As far as the eyes can see: green

Overlapping supine Buddhas

Rolling and majestic they go on and on

Kissing puffs of white, the

backdrop now colours of fruit

Urges me to stand

Calling to the adventurer so we

can traverse unbeaten paths and eat

nothing but our fears til the

monsters are slayed; smile

as we ease into the coolness and

revel in the darkness; spit

in the face of good sense, out

the lamp and listen to the

distinct absence of chattering teeth.


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