Olive Branch


Feels like I’ve been wandering through this forest for days

Searching for just the right olive branch

One moment:

Breathing deeply

Enjoying the sights and sounds of solitude

The next:

Frantic, stumbling

Scratched knees and tear-stained face

Then, like a saviour – unexpected but longed-for:

A clearing

Blue sky, bright light

And I smell the sweet scent of a singular tree

I melt into the meadow

Cling to the strength of those roots

Nestle on the moss-covered trunk

It tickles and comforts all at once.

And as the memory of the forest fades with each inhale

So does the olive branch

Did I find it? Was it offered? Accepted with grace?

Will I need it for my next untimely sojourn?

Better yet: can I forget the way to the forest?

(Written: February 2014; Performed: TBD)


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