A new class of posts?


My very first post described my first “spoken word” performance. I’ve been wanting to write more (and possibly share more?) poetry but haven’t been sure about it. I have so many doubts and questions:

  • I tend to write out of pain – will this encourage me to wallow in these emotions? I don’t want it to turn into my grade 10 anthology of adolescent angst and sadness.
  • Will I have time/energy/inspiration to write regularly? I am so impressed by 300 Stories that I can’t even imagine doing something similar.
  • Should I focus on one personal project at a time? A quick glance at my game plan will show that I’m a teensy bit off track. Will trying to write poetry help me on my story-collecting journey or serve merely as a distraction?
  • And of course, the grandaddy of all questions: will it be stupid? Who am I to call myself a poet? I hated poetry in highschool.

And then today, I saw this article in my inbox: Why you can and should write poetry.



One thought on “A new class of posts?

  1. vidya

    what you focus on grows.

    If you focus on all the ways it won’t work, you’ll continually find more ways for it not to work.

    How can you make it work? How have others made it work? What do you need to do? Who do you need to ask?

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