And we’re off!


I kicked off the story collection by interviewing my parents. They both offered up multiple hilarious short stories. I asked for stories from their past as well as stories about me. They found the latter much more difficult: between the two of them, they only thought of one story that they were willing to tell. I’m curious to find out whether other family members also find this difficult. Interestingly, the audio recordings were much shorter than I anticipated – the longest was only 6min long. This seems very short to me but we’ll see how I feel about it when it’s transcribed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to talk to my friend who does qualitative research so it’s possible that my interview technique was terrible. Nonetheless, I’m excited to have some “data” to work with.

I noticed an interesting difference in how each of my parents told their stories. My dad tended to precede the main part of the story with lots of contextual information (the time period, setting, cultural norms related to the story’s events, etc) while my mom dove right into the meat of the it or provided less contextual information. I don’t think that one is necessarily better than the other, especially for such short stories but I’ll have to decide whether I want to standardize the amount of “pre-story” information across all the stories or just present them as they were told to me. Decisions, decisions…


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