The Game Plan


I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions. A person who is may see the timing of this project and imminent new year as coincidence, fate or even just motivation to get things moving. I’m not sure that any of those apply to me – I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s celebrations – but it’s definitely time to set some goals for this project. I don’t like the fact that deadlines get me moving but they do so I’ll try to use that fact to my advantage instead of lamenting it. The general plan is as follows:

    • Do at least 4 interviews with family members: due mid-January
    • Seek out a storyteller and learn something from them: due mid-February
    • Transcribe stories and experiment with their compilation: due end of February
    • Do 4 more interviews and transcribe the stories: due end of March 29
    • Arrange for 2 interviews in JA: due mid-April
    • Do interviews in JA and transcribe stories: due end of May
    • Work on entire compilation, layout and copy-editing: due end of June
    • Plan and host book launch: mid-August 

I’m in the midst of making plans to meet with two potential interviewees. In preparation for the interviews, I will be asking them to be prepared to tell me a story that is meaningful to them as well as a story about me. I will be audio recording our conversation as well as taking notes. As I write this, I think it sounds an awful lot like qualitative data collection. I think I will also chat with one of my friends who is a qualitative researcher and ask for tips. I’m sure these early interviews will be full of mistakes but I’m excited! Wish me luck!


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